AMIA: Anniversaire(de l'attentat de 1994), Menaces sur Israel par l'Argentine

Publié le 18/07/2015

1994-2014, The Secret of Buenos Aires is out

In the last years of the XX century, after the AMIA bombing, blamed on Iran by Israel since the beginning, in july 1994, we could evaluate the impact of that criminal plot as an immediate bitter humiliation for Argentina and a transitory victory for Israe on the level of propagandal; but after 20 years, it appears as a great long lasting defeat for the strategy of US imperialism, a great victory of the isalmic Republic of Iran's strategy, an important lesson for Argentina and the rest of the world, and a heavy boomerang for the Zionist occupation State.

The criminal plot:

The attack against the Jewish center AMIA produced 85 casualties; no VIP was there, the moment of the attack had been chosen as a means of threatening the political leaders in Argentina, as well as the Jewish authorities, but not killing any of them. The majority of victims where not from Jewish background, but just peple passing by. Great campaigns were lauched in the media to make people believe it was an antisemitic crime. A lot of false evidences and lies were immediately planted by Mossad agents. Israel sent also a false prosecutor in order to bribe a prisonner, so that he would accuse some policemen for planning and executing the attack, with a car bomb that never existed. Journalists, firemen and police immediately noticed that there was no car bomb at all on the crime stage, and that the only explanation for the specific damages to the building was an inside explosion. After 20 years, it became obvious that an extraordinary amount of lies, mistakes, bribes and carelessness were pushed along ; there was indeed a central plan of cover up, directed and ordered by Israeli authorities.

The Zionist goal:

No doubt that Saul Menem, president at that time, understood immediately what was going on. Two years before, the Israeli embassy had been bombed, causing 22 deaths, and the crime had been prepared following exactly the same modus operandi, with the same cover up in the medias about what really happened and no one was supposed to understand, the same false evidences, the same propaganda pressure on the Supreme Court. President Menem had close familiar and political nexes with Syria. Under his government, relations with Iran increased, especially with commercial and cultural agreements, including nuclear cooperation; Argentina gave technology, the know how, and was selling enriched uranium to Iran. The bell rang 3 times for president Menem: first, after the 1992 attack, the police of Buenos Aires and "local nazis" were accused as perpetrators of an antisemite crime; he paid a lot of money as a way to apologize, but did not stop making business with Iran. After 1994, he understood he would not escape from a third attack if he would not submit, and cancelled the Argeninean nuclear deals with Iran. A few years later, his son -a weapon trader - died in an accident on board of a helicopter. The succession of nightmares for that president has inspired the novelistic creativity between journalists; but Yoma, the former wife of president Menem accuses him for killing of their son. In any case, Israel succeeded to block down the nuclear cooperation between Argentina and iran, abusing of the reality of the Syrian connections of elected president Menem.

The Zionist defeat

Nowadays, the Zionist claim that "Iran did it" is not taken seriously by any political thinker or journalist, neither in Argentina, nor in any other country, even by the local zionist journalists, very uneasy with the topic. This is the first level of our victory, the victory of honesty and truth. Diplomats know that, as the Argentinean catholic Pope Frances knows it. And important Jewish personnalities in Argentina accuse openly the offical representatives of Israel for misleading the investigators, the victims families associations, and the courts.

After 20 years, the zionist military forces have failed to launch an international military attack against Iran on the behalf of being "a terrorist State".

After 20 years, Israel has failed to stop the importation of nuclear technology by Iran, wich has been an important part of the commercial exchanges between Iran and Argentina, since the seventies.

After 20 years, not only the antizionist resistants in Latin America say Israel let it be done, and used the attack for its biased propaganda: president Obama and president Cristina Fernandez act as  understanding perfectly this background of the attack, and using any disclosure of truth about it as a way to blackmail Israel.

After 20 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has signed an agreement with Argentina for a common investigation, and Israeli authorities try to block it in the Argentinean constitutional Court. The Zionist strategy is just to get the AMIA case buried for 20 more years in a deep judicial fog, until time will rub it out. Paul Singer, manager of the most dirty "vultur funds" is triying to take revenge for that agreement on the whole Argentinean nation.

After 20 years, the major authorities of the Argentinean army openly call the AMIA attack an act of war against Argentina, not only a terrorist attack. At the same time, the question of Malvinas Islands, occupied by the British army, is on the stage again. At the same time, Israel accuses Hezbollah of having a central basis for operations in whole Latin America on the northern common border between Paraguay, Brasil and Argentina. At the same time, the BRICS countries are building a wide front against NATO and Israel.

The major lesson is that "the secret of Buenos Aires is out"1: Israel cannot use anymore its claim about Iran as a terrorist State, and truth about it is a real danger for Israel and the US neocons.

(Title of a short article by Israel Adam Shamir, presenting my documentary AMIA REPETITA, 59', already on Youtube with subtitles in french, spanish and english : ).